Dec. 6th, 2015 06:54 pm
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Tfw you're on your third flight but just want to get with makin the GraysonMidnighter smut wicked hard

That feel is now.
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ohhhhh spit

I totally missed yuletide signups...
Ugh I was so wicked psyched for crueltide too...
It's probably for the best though, this yule season looks to be shaping into a glorious wreck.

*signs up for yuletide art anyway like the fool she is*
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Where the fuck have i even been???

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I had thought through so SO many hypothetical story and character analysis entries at work over the past couple of months and look at all that I've posted.
This is gross, I need to be on the computer more.

Things will change!!
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(ahahaaaa  an entry I a month ago?? no finishing this noise for meeee)

I do not know why it hadn't occurred to me before.
I'm glad it hadn't cause it would've bothered the crap out of me for forever and ever and ever.
But sweet cheese with Bruce's cavein death Dick is alone in this world

It's been many a day since Wednesday day, but I'm lame and still haven't made it to the stores.
Hopefully this is somehting
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Hokay so the Trikster episode of Flash gets a metric fuck ton of hate and I don't really understand why.

I mean Barry outing himself to two people in one episode was a bit heavy, especially since Eddie was out of no where, and the bodyswap scene while deliciously gruesome was not a necessary thing, we got backstory all episode for a dead man, hokay.

...borderline unhealthily so. It was campy and self referential as shit BUT THIS IS THE FLASH YOU'RE WATCHING, that kind of attitude is PERFECT A++ maintenance of carrying over the general gist of the flash franchise. And seriously when you have a regular cast member who was the Barry Allen of 1990 and then bring in another actor from the 90s show reprising his character, you can't help but go campy.

Mark Hamill succeeded in having the crazy creeper voice complete w/ hysterical laugh while decidedly not being the Joker, which was fuckin cool. Unlinke his voice in Kingsman, that junk was totally Joker, but it made me giddy so that's all more than okay. Maybe that was his original Trickster voice, but I haven't watched 90s Flash since it was airing so I'm useless there. Silly rant short:
Mark Hamill = magic.

Ugh whatever to all my friendlies being haters love love love.

(I have to find something better to update this journal with)

A reminder

Apr. 7th, 2015 08:21 am
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She's done it again! Or it's happening right now, yes that.
bradygirl_12's current challenge
Due to the embarrassing abandonment of my lj I keep forgetting about her challenges until they're over.
(although summer p!thon might get me back over to lj, we'll see.)

Not this time! Dick is too important to forget about!
(but bingo first, bingo first.)

(double also, holy crud do I need this Finish you shit! Maybe I could even go back to my 30K+ Paperlegends from how many years ago? back when that BB was running. I don't even really remember what it was... Merlin Mordred Morgana torture porn I think. I mean torture porn with heart <3 I remember getting stuck in the details of dungeon latrines and fizzling out.)
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wahahaha I'm doing Trope Bingo!
au: coffee shop au: were/vamp/supernatural accidental marriage snowed in poker/strip poker
au: cop/detective mind control celebratory kiss au: circus bodyswap
mistletoe kiss kiss to save the day WILD CARD locked in curtainfic
au: daemons au: space animal transformation amnesia au: hooker/porn/stripper
time travel in vino veritas/drunkfic wingfic huddle for warmth holiday

Didn't even know it existed until a couple hours ago, thank you very much Jeryn. ....I also am not sure what some of these mean....
Come join the fun!


Mar. 30th, 2015 08:07 pm
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Muskrat Jamboree 2015 was last weekend, and was one of the most magical tiny cons I've even been to.
Okay so I now have to undissapear myself from the interwebs, MJ was utterly inspiring.

Muskrats, you guys are so amazing!
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